Disaster Movie (2008) ⭐

A steaming pile of dog pooh would offer more entertainment

9 February 2016

The title of the film is quite apt here, this is a disaster movie in the sense that it was a disaster that this film was made. This film joins a long list of spoof movies which seem to be getting worse and worse and this one really does scrape the bottom of the barrel. I watched this on the advise of a friend who “pissed his pants” and after watching this I’ll be advising he goes to see the doctor about an incontinence problem because this film really is not funny. I feel embarrassed that I watched the film let alone I’m reviewing it. Please take my advise and avoid this film. I can’t honesty think of one redeeming feature of the film. This may be the worst film I’ve reviewed and I can’t give it any more than 1 star, in fact doing that felt like I was betraying my integrity. Tomorrow I am going to watch paint dry and grass grow… both of those things offer a lot more excitement, wit, intelligence and appeal. If you get the chance to read through the reviews on this film have a look on IMDb for a review by “peter1-8” as that pretty much nails my feelings for this film – I haven’t got the ‘bothered’ to dignify this crapola with any more words.

⭐ (1/10)

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