Red Clover (2012) ⭐

It only takes 2 muscles to pimp slap a leprechaun

11 February 2016

I didn’t expect much going into this SyFy/Dark Films produced film and I’m glad about that as I really didn’t enjoy it. I’m a fan of horror and bad films but this was just dire. It’s a leprechaun themed film given a modern American low budget twist which didn’t work for me at all. Filmed with stereotypes and bad acting if you want something more high brow look for the Warwick Davies Leprechaun films instead. When I say bad acting I mean really bad, I wasn’t a fan of Billy Zane’s wooden style before this film and I think less of his abilities after watching this. If I had written down all the stereotypes I’d have expected knowing this film had a leprechaun in it before embarking on my viewing I could have played stereotype bingo and I’d have won a full house within the first half an hour; Irish themes, drunks, a red head, folklore, St Patrick’s day, a four leaved clover, and green colours. The monster effects were bad, the evil menace in this looked more like a turd goblin than an eerie fairy. The camera work was poor enough to give me a headache. The transitions and edits from scene to scene tried to be Star War’s like but failed outright. The sound throughout was bad, bad dubbing, inaudible conversations and a bad soundtrack. Scenes where a computer was being used did not sync with the acting and was blatantly pre- recorded. Goofs galore and a poor flow to the film. I struggled to watch this once and absolutely won’t recommend this or watch it again. If somebody gifted me this film I’d beat them with a stick. Sorry Red Clover or Leprechaun’s Revenge or whatever you want to call yourself, you can have 1 out of 10 and like it.

⭐ (1/10)

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