Sharknado 6: The Last Sharknado – It’s About Time (2018) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

It’s about time, and it’s about time too – Getting worse – but still that bad it’s decent.

4 September 2018

The good thing about the Sharknado movies is simple; they really really don’t take themselves seriously. Any review about these films have to have that in mind because the on-screen antics are usually that far over the top and ludicrous, that it’s reaching back around again to tickle you on the belly after a serious spooning session. Kind of continuing from where the last Sharknado film left off this film starts in the prehistoric past. The concept is simple, stop the first Sharknado and change the future. So it’s not just “about time”, but it’s also “about time”. Fin and his gang are using what they can to change the future. And so the story begins. Using tongue in cheek time travel concepts they hop from era to era to fight Sharknados, encountering some famous faces along the way.

The acting is terrible, the CGI is weak, even the story at this time in the franchise has become awful – but let’s face it, if you have seen they previous Sharknado films you know what to expect, and you didn’t come to the film expecting an Oscar potential classic.

The best thing I can do is compare this to the previous Sharknado’s when reviewing, so in that sense – this isn’t as good as Sharknado 1 or 2, but isn’t as weak as Sharkna….. ooh who am I kidding, they are all pretty much the same and it’s become difficult to remember what exactly happened from film to film. – they have gone downhill since the first two or three but hey – who cares.

Well done on creating a concept which has championed a genre of so-bad-it’s-good, low-budget mock-schlop films. I’m giving this incarceration 5 out 10. I think with the time travelling they could have done a little more but hey – it’s still a fund two hours of jaw-dropping, mind boggling, awesome rubbish.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/10)

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