The Neverending Story III: Return to Fantasia (1994) ⭐

This is what happens when you a flog an idea to death and the director smokes crack (unconfirmed but possibly)

13 February 2018

Warning: Spoilers

You know that old suggestion that, when you have something good, don’t overdo it or you’ll ruin it. Well that’s what “Neverending Story 3”. Somebody has flogged an idea beyond its value and devalued it and possibly belittled its origin. Bastian is back, his dad has remarried and he has a step sister. There are bullies. There is a book which acts as a portal between the real world and Fantasia – a fantasy world where monsters and fairy tales are true. Bullies get the book and cause chaos. Bastian has to save it. World’s cross and some of the book comes to reality while some of reality ends up going into the book. The budget was probably bigger for this version of the film and yet it still doesn’t help it out. Nor do the star names, Jason James Richter (star of “Free Willy”), Melody Kay, and even Jack Black can’t save this film. What the hell happened? Was the director smoking crack? The characters that previous films had you love have suddenly become morons, Falcor and the Rock biters are now dumb and annoying. Other established characters have become annoying. I can see why this is in IMDB 100 worst movies ever made – and no, bad doesn’t mean good in this case. It means why the hell did this waste of time, money and sanity ever get made?? I’m giving this a 1 out of 10, for me that’s bad. I usually try to give films a positive but the only positive I think of here is that it ended when it did.

I’ve ticked the Spoilers button – my spoiler is that this film is cack!

⭐ (1/10)

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