Dead Cert (2010) ⭐⭐⭐

Nevermind the Vampires, kill me instead please

When you have a film that casts Craig Fairbrass, Jason Flemyng, Dexter Fletcher, Billy Murray, Danny (Fah-kin) Dyer, Steven Berkoff, and Ricky Grover, to name but a few, you’d probably expect to see a British cult classic. Unfortunately, this isn’t one. Directed by Steven Lawson, and written by Jonathan Sothcott, Nick Onsloe, and Ben Sillito, this ‘Black & Blue Films’ production is just as classy as the production companies other piles of steaming content (“Strippers vs Werewolves” (2012), “Devil’s Playground” (2010), “7 Lives” (2011)). This action-horror film was released in 2010, rated 15 and has a runtime of 92 excruciating long minutes.

A cockney hardman who has invested all his money into a club loses it when he backs the wrong fighter. Romanian gangsters take it over, but unbeknown to anyone, they also happen to be vampires. The fight is on – for the club; for survival; and for ratings too as this film is practically a cheap rip-off of “From Dusk till Dawn”. There… I said it.

This film takes itself seriously and wants to be a gritty gangster film which crosses genres and touches on horror too. In truth it does neither convincingly well. Split into two parts the first is about the gangsters, while the second is aimed at the vampires – but it takes close to an hour before anything interesting happens – by which time I didn’t care about anything or anybody anymore. Sure, it has cockney’s in it that elicit buckets of blood (even though it’s CGI blood at times), yes there are vampires, there is a bit of female flesh on display (don’t get your hopes up, scantily clad, not naked), lots of violence and gore, and plenty of effing and jeffing (bad language)… but that’s about it really, barring the occasional famous face appearing and then disappearing this film brings nothing new to the game, and just rehashes tried and tested films.

I was disappointed, but maybe that is because I expected a ‘Black & Blue’ film to be good. This felt like a waste of talent with good actors not utilized for their ability, but more so for their accent. I would be hard pressed to recommend this and I can’t see this film having much future success or cult fame.

⭐⭐⭐ (3/10)

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