Jack Frost (1997) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Don’t eat yellow snow

Remember the film about the snowman that comes to life? No, not the animated “Walking in the air” snowman, I mean the other one. No, not that friendly Michael Keaton re-animated as a nice snowman… the other one. The 1997 “Jack Frost” – you know, the killer snowman one.

Written and Directed by Michael Cooney, with Jeremey Paige also writing, this 1997 film stars Scott MacDonald as Jack Frost – the murderer turned snowman.

With 38 confirmed kills Jack Frost (the man, not the snowman yet), is being transferred across the state when the vehicle he is in crashes into a genetic research truck. Jack is exposed to dangerous toxins that dissolve him, turning him into a puddle which fuses with the snow. Despite being announced dead, the sheriff of the town of Snowmonton who captured Jack, Sam Tiler (Christopher Allport) remembers that he swore vengeance against those that stopped him. With mysterious deaths being reported, attributed to a snowman, FBI agents Manners & Stone (Stephen Mendel & Rob LaBelle), arrive and try to shut the town down for their safety. But it’s too late, the death count is rising and rumour has it that an evil snowman is on a killing spree. Sam and the FBI try to hatch a plan to bring peace to the town of Snowmonton once again, but it’s not easy when the killer is made up of frozen water.

I remember watching this film in the late 1990’s and loving it. It was suitably cheesy with a slice of horror and comedy mixed in. It might not have been a classic, but it gained a small cult following because there aren’t that many Christmas horror films in the world. This film never seemed to take itself too seriously and there are times where it seems even the on-screen cast want to smirk at the camera and talk to the audience about how ridiculous the whole idea is. Rated R for a reason there is plenty of death and gore in this, ranging from decapitations to watching a pre-boob implanted Shannon Elizabeth in her first role (and first nude role too) being frozen, raped and murdered in a bathtub filled with the killer snowman. By today’s standard of film and audience rating, you aren’t going to see anything too disturbing.

All in all this is a fun film with a 90-minute runtime, which is as much a comedy as it is a horror film. Because it’s a Christmas film it is one of those rarities that could be watched on an annual basis to see in the festive period.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/10)

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