Wolfcop (2014)

Here comes the fuzz

Dir. Lowell Dean

Runtime: 79 minutes

Rating: 15

Starring: Leo Fafard, Amy Matysio, Jonathan Cherry

This 2014 Canadian film is part supernatural, part horror, part crime, and has a sprinkling of comedy too. Written and directed by Lowell Dean this low-budget B-Movie feels like it was made for the fun of it, or the fun of the art of film-making, rather than as a potential earner to make big money.

This film does what it says on the tin – there IS a cop, and he becomes a Wolfcop. Where some films promise all sorts of fun with their titles and don’t deliver, this film gets straight to the point with it’s title and delivers on it’s promise.

Leo Fafard plays Sergeant Lou Garou, an alcoholic cop in a small dead-end town called Woodhaven. It’s usually a dull place with not much going on so he passes the time drinking Jessica’s bar or with his few friends. One night while investigating a disturbance he interrupts some weird occultists in the local woods. Things go wrong and he gets knocked unconscious. The next day he wakes up in his own bed with no knowledge how he got there but with a pentagram carved into this stomach. Things begin to feel different to him; his senses are sharper, he starts to get hairier, dogs seem to be attracted to him while other wildlife flees. Lou Garou is a werewolf… a werewolf cop… a wolfcop! As a wolfcop, Garou is an awesome crime fighting machine, but his abilities don’t go unnoticed. Being turned into a werewolf was of course an accident, but it might just work in the favor of the occultists who turned him. They had a reason behind their actions, their plans may have changed a little due to his involvement, but it doesn’t mean the plans are completely fruitless – Garou may be the answer they’ve been looking for.

Will the ‘fuzz‘ get the bad guys or will ‘Dirtier Harry‘ find a grizzly demise? Watch and find out.

This film excels in not taking itself too seriously and delivers a movie which feels very 1980’s. “Teen Wolf” (1985) this is not – it’s more a slapstick comedy horror flick done on a shoestring which occasionally hits the funny bone but sometimes falls flat on its face. The acting isn’t Oscar worthy and the effects were never going to win an Academy Award – but they work well for the film. I found parallels with other low-budget horror films which made me smile knowingly, on that topic I have to mention “Troll 2” (1990) (the horror film of course, and not the animated family film). That film gave us “Nilbog”, and here we get “Flowerew”. Both are a kind of shape-shifting supernatural entities that their respective films signpost early on and if I say “Redum” you should be able to work out how the signposting happens.

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When I first watched this film I gave it a 6 out of 10. After re-watching it in the last few days I’m going to stick to that 6 out of 10. “Wolfcop” is fun and has lots of potential. Sure, it doesn’t always deliver on that potential, but the film is still a lot of fun regardless. It is easy to watch, it doesn’t take itself too seriously, it has enough laughs to keep me happy, and it’s got gore. There are times when the pacing dragged a little and I was waiting for something fun to happen – but when it happened, it really did happen. If you enjoy this then keep an eye out for the sequel – “Another WolfCop” (2017), which offers plenty of the same kind of stuff.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (6/10)

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