Werewolves on Wheels (1971)

The title of the film is better than the film!

Dir. Michel Levesque

Runtime: 85 minutes

Rating: 15

Starring: Steve Oliver, Donna Anders, Gene Shane

This 1971 American exploitation film blends two genres from the 1970’s which were quite big; the biker gang film, and monster/occult horror. It was written by David M. Kaufman, and Michel Levesque who also directed.


The Devils Advocates, a mean biker gang, cross paths with Satanic monks and their lives are never the same. After refusing to be a sacrifice, one of the biker chicks is cursed to become a werewolf, she quickly turns her boyfriend too, but for all purposes the Devils Advocates continue their wild ride across the land. Randomly people start disappearing and being killed off. When things are eventually realized the werewolves are attacked and burned. The gang plot revenge on the Satanists and head off to extract that revenge, but instead get enlisted to the cult.

… or… here’s a Summary in 180 characters of less…

Bikers, occultists, werewolves, killings… blah blah yawn.

Does that summary that I’ve written make sense? If not, then don’t worry – it’ll still make more sense than the film does! Filled with plot holes and random and surreal events and imagery, this film is part art project, part 70’s exploitation film, and part the result of taking too many drugs and trying to come up with a cool film. Unfortunately, it just does not work – unless you are tripping your tits off on acid, then it might work (I can’t confirm sorry).

The film drags on at times and makes no sense at other times – it was a tough 85 mins viewing experience. I think director Michael Levesque is better known as an art director for a reason, film wise this was a mess. I can’t confirm it but I can only guess that during the concept and creation of this film with David M. Kaufman, there were some mind-altering substances being used.

If you come to this film expecting a biker gang of werewolf riding cool motorbike – then I am sorry. You might get a whole minute of this at the end of the film – but prior to that it is just an ugly mob or stinky hippie bikers who think they are cool. Unfortunately, in summary, the title of the film, is much better than the contents and delivery of the film. I didn’t enjoy it and it was hard work to get through.

When I first watched this I gave this film a 2 out of 10 – but only because I managed to sit through the entire film in one go and didn’t have to watch it a second time. After having re-watched this for the purpose of reviewing the film here I’m not even going to be generous and give it that extra star – this is a 1 out of 10 film that isn’t worth suffering and doesn’t offer much pay off.

⭐ (1/10)

P.S. 1 out of 10 – that means that this will be added to the Hall of Shame 💩

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