About Me

I watch films and then I write about them.

I love all kinds of films; the good, the bad, and the so-so.


A lot of reviewers and bloggers stick to one genre, or only write about new films. Not me! I’ll watch pretty much anything; new or old, good or bad – I’m not too worried and enjoy the challenge. Sometimes I even watch films that I know in advance are going to be terrible. I do this so you don’t have to watch them.

I started writing reviews sometime after 2000. Mainly out of boredom of course, but occasionally to rant about what I’d watched too. I also wanted to put into use some of the education I’d picked up studying film at different academic institutions too. I won’t just write a review on any film I remember from my childhood though, I have certain criteria I try to stick to. I’ll only write a review after I’ve watched or re-watched a film. If I haven’t watched it in the last few months then it just wouldn’t be fair to review it. Writing a review from memory can be tainted by nostalgia or frustration. Re-watching something with the aim of writing a review is fun, and sometimes I get to experience things a fresh, or see things I didn’t see the first time around.

As well as writing about films, I have been involved in some too – sort of anyway. I’ve made some music videos for friends in bands and I’ve made some promotional advertisements for companies I’ve worked for. I have also helped friends who make their own low budget films with all sorts of production tasks too, from scripting, to make-up, and even sound. I have also had cameo appearances in a few of those low budget films too, but I’m not telling you which ones 😀

This isn’t my only blog, why not check out Distracted by Stuff for arts, crafts and other nonsense.

Film Education

(1980 – present)
My mum is a big advocate of Musicals and Disney films so as I child I watched lots of song and dance, and lots of animation. My dad is a big fan of Westerns so as I child I remember watching lots of Clint Eastwood films.

The first paid movies I can remember seeing on the big screen are “Transformers: The Movie” & “Masters of the Universe”.

Staffordshire University
(1998 – 2002)
BA Hons Degree: Film & Media with Cultural Studies.

Some of the modules that contributed towards my degree include: Classic Hollywood Films, Auteur Theory, Mise-En-Scène, Stars as a Vehicle, Comic Books, Film Genre studies, and Script Writing.

Wilberforce College
(1996 – 1998)
A Level: Film Studies.

This college course was my first real formal education in film. It was a good all-round film studies course.