About Me

I watch films then I write about them.

I love all kinds of films, the good, the bad, and the so-so.

Welcome to Distracted By Films.

I’m not a typical reviewer in the sense that a lot of the films I review aren’t new at the cinema, I’ll watch anything. Sometimes I watch terrible films, then write about them, so you don’t have to watch them.

I started writing reviews sometime after 2000. I work on the basis that it wouldn’t be fair to review a film that I haven’t just watched – so writing a review of a film I remember from my youth isn’t fair. Being a child of the 1980’s, I have watched an enormous amount of films – a lot of those films haven’t been reviewed because I simply haven’t watched them recently.

As well as reviewing, I’ve made some short music videos for friends in bands, helped friends who make low budget films with all sorts (scripting, make-up, sound, etc), and had cameo appearances in a few low budget films too.

This isn’t my only blog, why not check out Distracted by Stuff for arts, crafts and other nonsense.

Film Education

(1980 – present)
My mum is a big advocate of Disney films so as I child I watched lots of animation. My dad is a big advocate of Westerns so as I child I remember watching lots of Clint Eastwood films.

The first paid movies I can remember seeing on the big screen are “Transformers: The Movie” & “Masters of the Universe”.

Staffordshire University
(1998 – 2002)
BA Hons Degree: Film & Media with Cultural Studies.

Some of the modules that contributed towards my degree include: Classic Hollywood Films, Auteur Theory, Mise-En-Scène, Stars as a Vehicle, Comic Books, Film Genre studies, and Script Writing.

Wilberforce College
(1996 – 1998)
A Level: Film Studies.

My first real formal education in film.

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