Hall of Fame ⭐

In order to find reviews of the films I have given the highest rating to, here is my very own “Distracted by Films – Hall of Fame“. A list featuring the 10/10’s I have seen and written about.

NOTE: These films aren’t in a ranking order, I love number 1 as much as I do number 11 in the list.

A robot from the future travels back in time to kill somebody before they are born.

Dir. James Cameron

In space, nobody can hear you scream and shit your pants as you run for your life.

Dir. Ridley Scott

Lessons in how to make your son take up the family business.

Dir. Francis Ford Coppola

All work and no play, makes Jack turn to drink and speak to ghosts.

Dir. Stanley Kubrick

Sleeping rough and wandering through the wild.

Dir. Steven Spielberg

Because shitting yourself once wasn’t quite punishment enough.

Dir. James Cameron

Reshaping the future of the family business while remembering the past.

Dir. Francis Ford Coppola

Looking after mum when she gets sick.

Dir. Peter Jackson

He promised he’d be back. The story of a boy and his pet robot.

Dir. James Cameron

He never says “Play it again Sam”.

Dir. Michael Curtiz

The grandfather of the zombie film that does not once mention of the word ‘Zombie’.

Dir. George A. Romero

Norman and his mother welcome Janet Leigh into their motel.

Dir. Alfred Hitchcock