Hall of Shame ðŸ’©

In order to find reviews of the films I have given the lowest rating to, here is my very own “Distracted by Films – Hall of Shame“. A list featuring the 1/10’s of the worst films I have seen, and written about.

NOTE: These films aren’t in a ranking order, I disliked number 1 as much as I did number 5 in the list.

A brown floater in the river.

Dir. Kari Skogland

A poor sequel to a poor movie.

Dir. Tom Green

I’ve cleaned up more interesting and better looking cat sick.

Dir. Griff Furst

Replace the word ‘Almighty’ with ‘Godawful’, then replace ‘Thor’ with ‘piece of shite’.

Dir. Christopher Douglas-Olen Ray

Never mind just the season, I petition to close this turd for good.

Dir. Jay Woelfel

Unforgettable, but not in a good way.

Dir. Isaac Gabaeff

A leprechaun to make Warwick Davies look like a bronzed God.

Dir. Drew Daywalt

This made me regret having not pulled my eye-balls out.

Dir. Jason Friedberg & Aaron Seltzer

There is a reason why you haven’t heard of this film. FML this is dogshit.

Dir. Peter MacDonald

Violating audiences with a rusty spike, in a place they’d normally sit.

Dir. Harald Zwart

Pulling down it’s trousers and laying a big fat steaming brown cable through your TV.

Dir. Mark Atkins

The title of the film is better than the film!

Dir. Michael Levesque

When life gives you lemons – this made a turd! 😦

Dir. Rod Amateau

A 95-minute advert for McFood’s, Kola-Kola, and Skuttles which rips off “E.T.”

Dir. Stewart Raffill

When Tara Reid is playing the brains of the film… run for cover!

Dir. Uwe Boll

There are no troll’s in this film!

Dir. Drake Floyd (really it’s Claudio Fragasso going by a pseudo-name)